Developing The Skills Necessary to Enter Kindergarten

It’s not always easy to consider leaving your child in the care of a non-family member. We understand this struggle and are here to help. As a faith-based bilingual preschool, La Escuelita San Alban prepares children for kindergarten by teaching them English, along with the academic and social skills that benefit them immediately and enhance their chances for future achievement. The teachers and staff members are compassionate, loving and dedicated to preschool education.

Bridging the Language Barrier to Develop Self Confidence

When they enter public schools, many young Hispanic children who speak only their native tongue are cast into an unfamiliar, English-speaking environment where they can find themselves left behind. Studies show that without adequate preschool preparation, many Hispanic children enter school well behind their non-Hispanic counterparts, a disadvantage that leads to lower achievement levels throughout their education. At La Escuelita, we help bridge that gap by fostering your child’s desire to learn and by building up his or her confidence, one small step at a time.

Helping Children Learn to Interact and Establish Relationships with Adults and Peers.

At La Escuelita, our goal is to teach your child the skills necessary for kindergarten and to help them develop the self-assurance they’ll need later to thrive in elementary school. We focus on social and emotional growth, motor development, independent thinking and problem-solving, as well as literacy and language development.

La Escuelita: Our School + Our Children

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