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LA ESCUELITA, or “little school” in English, is a bilingual, half-day pre-school program primarily serving low-income Hispanic children in North Carolina’s Lake Norman area.  Founded in 2014 by St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, La Escuelita has been a leading force in providing first generation Hispanic families with a chance to enter the public school system on an equal footing with their English-speaking counterparts.

Bridging the Language Barrier By Fostering a Childs Ability to See Themselves As Important Individuals and Develop Self Confidence.

Spanish-speaking children can face unforeseen challenges when they enter public schools. Often, young Hispanic children, who have only learned their native tongue, are launched into an unfamiliar, English-speaking environment where they can find themselves left behind and lost because of cultural differences.

Helping children develop a love of learning in a nuturing environment.

Studies show that without adequate preschool preparation, many Hispanic children enter school well behind their non-Hispanic counterparts which leads lower achievement levels throughout their schooling and lower graduation rates.

Preparing children by helping them to learn to interact and establish relationships with adults and peers.

La Escuelita San Alban is more than a language program. The program encompasses teaching the full range of skills necessary for kindergarten preparedness. From fine motor skills development like scissor cutting to managing the contents of a school lunch; these small but necessary skill sets are what elevates a child’s self-confidence in a peer group setting like kindergarten.


La Escuelita: Our School + Our Children

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